Maido Parv

UI & web designer

I did my first design job in late 90's - believe it or not, I did it on paper! Today, 15 years later, I count more than 900 different projects in my portfolio and that number is still growing.

I love wireframing.

What is a wireframe? It's a simple black & white sketch or in other words a low-fidelity visual representation of your future product.

Cool guys draw wireframes on paper, no matter which fancy device you'll later use (a smartphone, a tablet, desktop display or a TV), you should always start with pen and paper. Why is it important to create wireframes in first place?

Because it saves precious time!

I do...

Web design

If you got a fresh business idea, but no designer or developer, just get in touch.

Web development

You have a design for your website, but don't know how to make it work? Contact me.

App design

I have a lot of experience in designing for the App Stores. Just get in touch.

3D visualisation

Your real estate project must look awesome? Let me help you with some cool 3D.


Want to see your business idea in action, before you build a product? Call me.

Logo & identity

I'll take your idea and make something out of it. Dare to see something beautiful?

Web design

I have worked on more than 600 web projects. I prefer finishing each project on my own, but i am a great team member too :)

Responsive web design

To ensure the best experience for every potential user scenario, I design flexible, tailored front-ends that are optimised for all devices.


I have worked on more than 80 real estate projects since 2009. I do 3D visualization, rendering and animations.

Print and logo

This part is under construction... it's hard to find the perfect examples from more than 200 print and logo jobs.

I believe in...

Start with the basics

Wireframing is an essential step everyone should take when starting with a new project. This is where you see your ideas first time in action.

Use time efficiently

By creating a prototype, try different ideas and play through different scenarios quickly and without wasting designer resources.

Be consistent

Maximum usability is achievable through consistency in look and feel. Think about it, when building your products interface.

Less is more

Having less time causes more frustration! Instead of creating 20 pages full of information, focus on 5 full of useful information.

Smartphone vs PC

People are increasingly using mobile devices as a replacement of their PC. Device-specific design patterns will improve usability.

Keep it simple

"Best interface is when there's no interface" - modern times, popular bullshi*. Consider designing for different personalities and situations!

Get in touch!

Maido Parv
Integration designer @ Skype
Skype name "devakas"
Phone +372 5 666 9423