Maido Parv

UI & web designer

I did my first official design job in 1998 - I did it on paper. Today, 15 years later, I count more than 1000 different successfull projects in my portfolio and that number is still growing.

I love wireframing

Wireframe is a simple black & white sketch or in other words a low-fidelity visual representation of your future product.

It doesn't matter on which fancy device your product will be used later - on a smartphone, tablet, desktop display or in a TV - you should always start with pen and paper. Why is it important to create wireframes in first place?

Because it saves precious time!

I do awesome things

Web design

You are awesome, your logo and your company are awesome, but your website sucks? I will change that!

Mobile design

You awesome website rules on desktop, but is not usable on any mobile device? I can change that if you want.

Logo & identity

You are awesome, but your company logo... it's bad and noone takes you seriously? I can change that, you know...

3D visualisation

You need your presentation to be awesome, but all you have is poor quality PPT? I can help you if you want.


Your product looks awesome on paper, but you're not sure if it's usable in real life? I can make it work, you know...


Your awesome customers are not happy with how your product works? I can even help with that!

Web design

12 out of about 700 website projects

Print and logo

12 out of about 200 print and identity jobs


12 out of about 100 3D visualizations

I do responsive design!

You can design a responsive product using a responsive framework. The idea behind such frameworks is to make your life, and your developers life, easier by solving lots of problems that you'd need to solve by your own.

This technique allowes your product to adapt itself to different secreen resolutions and enable universal viewing of your product on all the different screen resolutions available today.

Start with the basics

Wireframing is an essential step everyone should take when starting with a new project. This is where you see your ideas first time in action.

Use time efficiently

Wireframing allows you to try different ideas and play through different scenarios quickly and without wasting designer resources.

Be consistent

Maximum usability is achievable through consistency in look and feel. Think about it, when building your products interface.

Less is more

Having less time causes more frustration! Instead of creating 20 pages full of information, focus on 5 full of useful information.

Smartphone vs PC

People are increasingly using mobile devices as a replacement of their PC. Device-specific design patterns will improve usability.

Keep it simple

"Best interface is when there's no interface" - modern times, popular bullshi*. Consider designing for different personalities and situations!

If you think what i say makes sense,
I would feel honored to work with you!

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Maido Parv
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Phone +372 5 666 9423